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    i woon buy a gp 1300r 2007

    guys , i got RXP 06 and i woon buy onther jetski

    i really like the Yamaha coz , i got one before

    was a gp 1300r 06 , but i sold it after two month ,

    i bought a RXP 06 , now , i woon keep the RXP 06

    and i woon buy the GP 1300r , guys i need your help

    i woon modify it , what do u recommend ,

    i always ride my all ski's and salt water and rough in thesame time

    i ilke to jump very high waves and race ,

    NOTE : if i modified the GP i woon keep it zero maintenance

    and zero problem as well , Kindly i need very nice set up

    please reply
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    I guess this guys English is better than our Arabic.

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    If you want to modify with no increase in the regular maint that you would have with a Stock 07 GPR I would think you would only want to modify items such as tabs, ride plate, intake, sponsons, prop, etc. I would think if you wanted to keep the maint down then I would not touch the engine or electrics.

    Someone with more expirence on this will chime in shortly I'm sure.

    Good Luck

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