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    Solas impeller

    My FXHO has a trashed tunnel plate, pump housing and few other items from a shredded Solas impeller. Iíve read in the past there was a defect with these coming apart and having a portion of their ski repair paid for by Solas. Has anyone experienced this or heard of it recently? Iíve contacted Solas and they told me to contact place where I purchased impeller. My impeller is just over a year old and over the warranty. Any advice or help is greatly appreciated.

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    Yeah about a year-and-a-half ago I had a impeller break on me and Shred up my pump tunnel and almost shred of the fiberglass low enough to where there was a hole in the hall The Pump shoe and my Solas pump I contacted Solas going back and forth it took about 4 weeks of nagging them and sending pictures but they did replace the pump and they replace the impeller but they did not pay for the ski to get fixed

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    And right now just to add I do have a Solas pump a 14 vane for Seadoo that has recently cracked down the middle and is no longer usable writing to Solas they blamed it on lack of care and saying that the ski has sat in the water too long or for long periods of times but my ski is trailered and everytime I take it out I'm always sure to put the hose in the pump area underneath through the intake grate and wash out the pump and everything very thoroughly so they are refusing to replace it if a $1,500 pump

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    thanks, I'm in contact with them now and will keep post updated

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