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    Quote Originally Posted by HiPeRcO View Post
    The OP is new here. The original question was whether Polaris pumps are reliable or not. They are. So premix in MOST cases is completely unnecessary. Read this for an excellent discussion on the topic:
    That's a great link. I was fully committed to the oil block off before reading it. I even bought a kit. Now I'm back on the fence...

    I'll pull the gas tank and check for wear. The oil tank is loose. I can move it back and forth. I don't think there is anything holding the oil tank in place except some black substance (glue?). It must be missing. The battery bracket is missing too.
    This might have to wait till spring. It's getting too cold here to work on it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by onedollar View Post
    Everyone has mentioned a perfectly valid reason for running premix and it has nothing to do with liking buying oil, smiley face or not. There is so much discussion about this issue, please try to add value, not snarky comments.

    I need a -1 button for this one

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    Quote Originally Posted by HiPeRcO View Post
    You guys must like buying a lot more oil than you need
    Love it. Legend oil smells sooooo good.

    I don't mind having a little extra oil in the crankcase.

    The extra room under the hood from eliminating the oil tank is nice.

    Don't need to worry about the oil sender seal leaking.

    Don't need to worry about the oil hoses.

    Don't have any oil in the bottom of my hull from any of the ^^^^ issues

    And I don't need to worry about piston failure due to an oil pump, filter or hose issue.

    Simpler design is always better

    You have your reasons and I have mine.

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