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    2010 RXTX260 need help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Bought a 2010 seadoo RXTX260 super cheep for preaty clean ski.

    Ski was bought as non runner with zero life in it but owner stated it has under 70h.(well nothing works so how can I tell?? offered him 1K and next day was called to pick it up)
    Next day i dige a bit in to it and got the skis electronics many gauge turn on and yes ski has 63H.
    After replacing some fuses(missing ones) and making sure the intake etc are back on ski (ski was at shop for the no power issue where they took it apart and never put back together) i started to get 2 beeps but when pressed start a click and nothing.
    Replaced the starter solenoid and there she was spinning and eventually started.

    Now my problem and question 2 you guys is it will start idle normal for about 5 sec than she starts misfiring bad and shuts off after 5 maby 10 seconds.
    I can get it restarted (takes a min of cranking ) and the same thing happens.

    Any thoughts, ideas?????????

    NO CODES showing up.

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    Salt or fresh water?
    get 2011 shop manual at, 2010 pdf manual hard to find but 2011 is the same ski.

    Assuming ALL fuses and relay are good, pull fuel pump from tank and inspect for corrosion and filter clean. Fresh fuel, new plugs, oil/filter, injectors clean, etc, etc.

    CandooPro would really help diagnose everything.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jpt7779 View Post
    CandooPro would really help diagnose everything.
    Which can be purchased from the GH online store

    Worthwhile investment for diagnosing your own watercraft.

    Limited Sea Doo and Can Am ATV Home System

    1 Year System Maintenance Included (Limited to 4 Vin Numbers) CanDoo Professional is a diagnostic tool developed for SeaDoo Jet Ski's and SkiDoo...
    Home System $399.00

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    All fuses and relays are replaced checked and good.
    I do have candoo and also acces to buds system but there are no codes presant on the ski.
    Im honesty happy that i got it even to light up and start (som what)
    ill be inspecting pump injectors etc step by step what was quite interesting to me to me was no codes.

    thank you for any help and any ideas

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    Sure sounds like a fuel issue to me. Check those injectors and that fuel pump real good.

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