Hey everyone, I appreciate all the knowledge on this forum and want to get a feel for the experiences with VTS fixes.

I have a 2006 RXP with a corroded VTS motor, I pulled the cover and everything is shot. I have a used unit in great shape and plan to replace it soon. I have a new boot, nut and all the O rings to do this correctly. Iíve seen lots of ideas to safeguard the unit from future water damage but want to ask the question again. Iíll be in salt water 100% of the time.

Has anyone coated all the insides of the VTS with grease in order to keep water out, I think I read this on GH somewhere?

Has anyone drilled a drain hole in the bottom of the plastic VTS housing to drain water if it gets in?

I also thought about filling the rubber boot with grease to act as a barrier against water intrusion, has anyone tried this?