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    What do you think? Need some advice.

    Well I have had the 2000 slx together for about 2 weeks now.
    I fired it up a week ago and of coarse something wasn't right. The mag side piston wasn't firing. So I checked spark plugs and wires. All good.
    So I checked my CDI wiring and OOPS, I had one wire wrong.
    So she fired up and ran really good. I still haven't put her in the water though.
    So here is my story and please tell me if I should be worried or not?
    I replaced a piston on the mag side. Everything went well. I used the polaris manual for installation and torque specs and so on.
    What I am worried about is water leaking. I used the powerbond high temp gasket maker. I did everything as per the book. Put some on the base gastet and all over the exhaust flange. Also I am worried about the heads. I used marine gease on all the o-rings to keep them in place. I did a compression test and everything was between 140 to 145.
    The reason I am worried is because I have a buyer for it and I don't want to have them come back on me.
    My wife in about 3 weeks will be going into the hospital for 8 to 10 weeks. She has something rare, with her(our) 2nd pregnancy. So that means I am by myself with our 9 month old daugther. Its not that I can't handle her. Its just can't take anything else.
    Things are just a little stressful right now in life. My grandfather is in hospital too, something with his liver.
    I am the type of person that doesn't want to screw someone over.
    So I am really sorry for the long post, but is their anything I can do to make sure I won't have problems with SLX?
    What else can I check more or less?

    To add:

    Thanks to all who have been so helpfull over the years!
    I hate to leave but family is first.


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    Tino, bummer about all lifes "tests" being thown at you.
    It's been a pleasure and who knows you might just be back later on.
    Stop bye and say Hi when/if you can.

    Oh on your ride take if for a spin and give her a shake down, you'll sell it knowing all is well.

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    Thanks Al

    I'll be back! ( like Arnold would say)
    Just don't know when.

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