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    changing stock battery

    stock battery is 12v 19ah

    is it ok to replace with: 12v 20ah? 12V, 20Ah, 330CCA AGM Engine Start Battery

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    Physical battery shape and dimensions may be different.

    I recommend the Deka ETX16 battery. Highly regarded, reliable, strong starting power.

    I use Deka ETX series in all my watercraft.

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    By the dimensional size specs and battery power specs , it will fit and work fine. The numbers you list just mean it has a bit more reserve power and will put out a few more cranking amps if needed over the stock one. K447 mentioned the Deka because they have worked well for many. Me included.

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    thank you

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    apparently there are 2 choices of this battery

    Deka Power Sports ETX16L Battery and

    Deka Power Sports ETX16 Battery. Does the L have any major significance? want to get the correct one

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    They are the same battery as far as size and power. The ETX16L will have the positive terminal on the right front of the battery as your factory battery should have. That puts the positive terminal to the rear of the ski and the farthest away from the side of the hull. The ETX16 will have the terminals reversed with the positive on the left front. I use the ETX16L in both of my Yamaha skis. Both of your links show the ETX16L and are the same page by the ASIN number.

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