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    Spark upgrade & results

    hey all,
    Wanted to share the upgrades we've done over the winter & the results we got.

    Last year I installed a 12/17 impeller and Worx intake grate, couldn't afford much else and that was pretty good bang for the buck. got better hole shot.

    This year, we decided to go all out and installed a new cold air intake, custom through hull exhaust and got the ski tuned to 110hp. The tune meant we also needed to change the impeller pitch, so on the recommendation of several people here we got a 12/15 impeller.

    Took it out last week for some tests - our ski has IBR/VTS and therefore the speed is GPS determined.
    Results - with flat trim, we got 8460rpm flat out, with a top speed of 84kph.
    again, hole shot improved even more - thing is a rocket now.

    Looking forward to heading out against out mate's stock Trixx to compare but we're stoked with how the ski feels & handles.
    Thanks to everyone here for sharing their knowledge, really appreciate all the info.

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    Hey, that’s awesome; VERY much interested to hear how it compares to a stock TRIXX!!!

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    Exactly the same as me, and I echo your points.

    Top speed slightly up and hole shot is amazing.

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