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    Yamaha Timing Chain Questions - 2014 FX SVHO Need Advice!

    Hi Everyone - I am new here to the greenhulk community! I have learned tons from just reading here!

    As many of you know Yamaha has had a few issues with the 14-15 FX SVHO Skis breaking timing chains and I wanted to better understand some details about my options here. I am looking to go RIVA stage 1 and I am completely holding back since I found out about this issue.

    I purchased my ski (14 Yamaha FX SVHO) from RIVA about 3 months ago with about 70 hours and loving every minute of it but now finding out about this issue should I regret it? Should I save the money to trade it in for a newer ski ?

    I have read by many that Yamaha would cover the issue if it does blow, but I have also read that in some cases they do not... So I had a few questions hoping I can chill my anxiety out. lol!

    1. Will Yamaha cover it if I do blow my timing chain out of warranty (I have no warranty)? Will they upgrade it to the new 2016 4/5 link configuration chain that was upgraded?

    2. Should I inspect my chain from time to time? If so, how many hours should go by before I check it? I found this great video on YouTube that provides great guidance.

    3. I have also read that some engines have been upgraded (Facebook) depending on the PR-ID. So long as the PRI-ID is under 790167 we should be fine.

    My Engine Details are: 6ET - JF180PN - 1002721 - A

    What is my best approach here? Should I save and trade, upgrade enjoy the speed, or leave it stock?

    Any advice would be great! Thanks!

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    No they wont its for original owners only. For some reason I dont see many fxs breaking mainly fzs mine broke at 135 hrs on my fz.

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    It's my understanding that they will cover it either way but if your really concerned and you bought it from Riva I would suggest asking them if it's covered out of warranty and your not original owner. That being said I had chain go on my 15 FZ at 130 hrs my 15FX now has 235hrs and no chain issue

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