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    98 STX900 No crank - good relay

    Im pretty positive i have a bad starter, but I wanted to run it by you guys before I pull the engine parts off.

    • The starter solenoid is connected correctly, but it was backwards before (previous owner)
    • Hitting the start button makes the relay click and I get power on the starter Pole/wire
    • This only happens if I ground the E box. Is the ebox not grounded just sitting on its plate? (not bolted down?)
    • The wiring diagram I have for "high performance 900" shows another ignition switch "somewhere" but I cant find a mention of it in the owners manual, or on the ski.
    • does anything happen when you pull out the stop switch? does it "come alive?" I have no guages, and no trim. Do they not work until the engine is on? Am i just not turning something on?
    Any tips on getting the starter out? Even jumping the poles doesnt even make it click down there. The previous owner said he started it a couple weeks ago, so I doubt its seized up, but the starter doesnt make a single sound when you put power on it.

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    Sorry I meant to post this in the 2 stroke forum

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