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    Genuine Mikuni kits vs no-nam brands

    I have made substantial progress with my 93 Sl650, but am still fighting a hesitation from idle to mid range. I have read everything and tried just about everything. I actually don't remember when I re-built the carbs, but it has been 3-4 years and i can't recall whether I used genuine Mikuni!!

    I do know that a 65 gram spring with my original 2.0 valve still gave me a 30 PSI popoff, even though the specs say it should be way lower, so I have to trim the spring, which I know is a no-no. The manual calls for 10-18 popoff. All typical kit parts appear to be in good shape, but the carbs are not tuning properly. Does anyone have any comment on the typical problem areas with the no-name kits and what they cause. most importantly, is there any way to test the basic functions with the triples on the bench (other than popoff), I do have a good pop off tester and compression tester.

    I will just say that I have been thru everything and the carbs seem to be my problem. When I remove the triples, it always appears that the center and PTO seem to show signs of very over-rich, ie. the carbs appear to have been leaking leaking or outputting too much fuel. I have done the return line restrictor and drilled out each individual carb resrictor per all the posts. I have checked and all 3 have good spark, but all are intermittently failing to fire, as if way overly rich. Although I only run it in short bursts since I am in the garage, the carpet I have under the rear-end is full of heavy oil as if it is dumping it out, unburned. I run pre-mix. New triple pump, compression a little low, but even in all 3 at about 115. All non-kit carb parts are original, ie jet sizes etc etc. all 3 have new needle valves

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    Are you spraying the needles with wd40 when testing popoff? They usually register a lower PO when wet. You might also try raising the back of the arm so that it sits slightly above the body of the carb.

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    yes, I have the recessed area filled with WD40. I may try raising the arm a little. I've been trying to come with a method of setting up some sort of tubing to the outside cover atmosphere hole to try and test the diaphram operation relative to the spring and needle valve. It's not as though the carbs are junk re: being of 1993 vintage. There are actually very few hours on the machine and to look at them, you would think they were relatively new. When one of the jugs won't fire, sometimes I can pour some fuel in and it will start and other times I can pull the choke and it will start.

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