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    My Vxr niagara river

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    Sounds mean!!!

    Welcome to the forum

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    Thanks, it has riva thru hull exhaust

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vxrrider1 View Post
    Thanks, it has riva thru hull exhaust

    Water box too i assume. That’s got some bark to it

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    Yep, here are my list of mods.

    Riva steering system
    1 1/2 inch riser
    Custom grips
    Pet tach
    Rd ride plate
    Rd gate
    Riva thru hall
    Riva water box
    Macc racing sponsons
    Rd r3 flashed
    Ribbon delete
    Rd intake
    Riva cooling system
    Also have the Riva Cai system with custom machined plate(plastic is trash and cracked)
    Pump tunnel reinforced
    Riva seat cover
    2011 yatch club trailer
    Original cover with custom canvas piece to allow handlebars
    Cavitation cone
    Skattrak prop 14/15

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    In your opinion, did the sponsons make a noticeable or should say worthwhile difference as a recreational rider? I'm kinda on the fence with getting them.

    RIVA Yamaha FX/VXR/VXS Pro-Series Sponson Kit (2014-older)

    Unique blade design provides a significant improvement to the handling characteristics. Reduces rough water hunting and rolling sometimes experienced...
    RY2625 $279.95

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    How fast is it?

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    It runs about 73 to 75 mph
    I never rode it with stock sponsons but i really like these macc sponsons i digs hard and holds a line perfect.

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    Man those 2011s were hotrods!! 73-75 na ski is bad azz!!!

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