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    Winterizing 02 Polaris Virage Txi

    Good evening,

    Looking for any tips on how to winterize my 02 Virage Txi. Not too many people are willing to touch these machines, so forced to do a lot of maintenance myself. Any help is appreciated.


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    Well, have a search for prior threads on winterizing any of the Ficht engined models. Virage, Genesis, MSX 140 with Ficht engine are all the same in terms of the basic winterizing process.

    Tip the tongue of the trailer up at least 10 degrees, but really as high as you can get it. This drains water from the Ficht water cooling hoses around the front of the engine. Take the drain plugs out too.

    Start engine and firmly blip the throttle multiple times until the exhaust box trapped water is mostly purged out the back. You can start and run the cold engine for up to 30 seconds without any garden hose water feed. Since you are winterizing you donít want to be adding any water to the engine.

    Now the risk of freeze damage has been mitigated. The engine is self-draining, especially with the upward hull tilt.

    The remaining tasks involve getting it clean and dry inside, stabilizing the fuel, and fogging the engine internals. This stuff is the same across both carburetor and Ficht engines, and many helpful threads have been posted over the years.

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    Thanks for the reply. I will be sure to check those threads out.

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