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    07 Rxp RPM Question ?

    I have an 07 RXP with about 7 hours on it ,The rpm is around 7700-7740.This seems low.I was told after 10 hours the rpm would improve.Im wondering if the operating rpm on the 07 rxp is different than 06 rxp.Ive seen stock 06 rxp and rxt running 8050-8100 rpm.My owners manual states the rev limiter comes in at 8000 rpms.I read in a different post that the 07 rxp has a different camshaft.Anyone else have any rpm results for stock 07 rxp as well as gps mph numbers.So far best gps numbers are 67.1 .My friends stock 06 rxp with 24 hours runs between 8050-8100 rpm with gps numbers at 68.4.My elevation is 700 feet.Thanks,Mark

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    Before my 10hr service my rpms topped out at 7700 @ 67, after i was turning 8050 hit 69.5 once on gps

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    07 Rxp RPM Question ?

    Thank you so much,That was what I figured. Thanks,Mark

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    Check your oil level. Before my 10 hour I was seeing 8000 RPM's. When I took it out friday for a couple hours after the 10 hour service the highest I would see was 7800. Checked my oil when I got home and was way over the top bend on the dipstick. Sucked about a half quart too much out. This should hopefully get me back to the 8000 range.

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    07 RXP RPM Question

    I have over 10 hours on ski ,still only seeing 7720-7780 for rpm on ski ,about 66.9-67.1 on gps.checked oil level ok.Tried trim in different postions,one above middle seems the best.checked for loose hoses from supercharger to throttle body all ok.The ski leaves hard but does not get past 7780 for rpm.We are about 600 foot elevation and temps were at 78 degrees yesterday.Any ideas on whats going on with the lower top end rpm.Im thinking either the stock prop pitch is wrong or not enough boost ,possible supercharger clutch slipping.Looks like I will be taking the ski back to the dealer to see whats going on.Any helpfull suggestions would be much appreciated .Thanks,Mark

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    (2) 2007 RPM's great shape

    i have (2) 2007 that were running 7640 out of the gate but have steadily increased 50 to 100 rpm's per hour of break in. They currently run 7940 to 8040 with 9 to 10 hours on them. They run better than my 2006 RXP's as well with the cam changes and timing changes they made to the motor. Also they handle like cadillacs with the bar changes and the egronomics of the handle bar positioning. they ROCK PERIOD!!!!!!!!

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    07 rpm

    I have an 07 with stage 1 i turn a flat 8120 all day 71.9 with 5gal. of fuel....before stage 1 7920 7980..i have 53hrs on ski..Eustis,fl
    Quote Originally Posted by Colby View Post
    Before my 10hr service my rpms topped out at 7700 @ 67, after i was turning 8050 hit 69.5 once on gps

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    07 Rxp Rpm Question

    Looks like I got my low rpm problem fixed ,Big thanks to Jerry (Greenhulk) for helping me out,Even after 12 hours on 07 stock rxp my rpm was only 7780.Jerry told me to check the prop pitch,it seeems the stock props can be inconsistent.THe ski was running 7780 rpm at 67.1 gps mph.I took my friends stock prop off his 06 rxp and immediately the rpms went to 8060 with gps numbers from 69.4-69.7 mph.Went back to the dealer to tell him ,he gave me another impellor no questions asked.WEnt out yesterday with new impellor the ski ran 8000 rpm at 69.4 .My friend was out with me yesterday on his 06 stock rxp,the 2 skis ran side by side from a dead stop to top end ,both skis gpsed at 69.7 .Jerry thanks again! Looks like its now time to stage 1 this ski. Thanks,Mark

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