Last year I had my 17’ fresh water only Trixx with 13hrs winterized at a local dealership and was told the engine was sprayed down with anti-corrosion lube. However, at the time of pickup I was told they did not remove the top deck to perform the winterization which sounded odd…

A few days ago I took the top off to winterize my now 25hr ski myself, only to find a white engine block! The entire block was corroded, with the exception of an area directly below the oil filler neck. It looks like they got a little messy with the change and some oil ran down the neck onto the block directly below, protecting that area from corrosion. This area looks brand new! However, the rest of the surface on that same casting is all white along with the rest of the block.

I don’t think the dealer ever sprayed anything down with anti-corrosion lube, but the dealer says otherwise…

Does this sound right to you?
What do you think?
What’s the best way to fix this?

Thanks in advance!