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    I suffer from waverunneritis!!!! PWCManiac's Avatar
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    Nov 2006
    Miami, Florida, United States

    Really missing the hobby

    It's been about 9 years since I sold my XLT1200 Custom. I must be going through some midlife crisis at just 39. I've taken up different hobbies but damn do I miss this one. Just thought I'd come by to say hello.

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    MSX 150 guy lives on Mr. GP1800's Avatar
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    Milwaukee WI
    Time to go buy another ski

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    I'm 48 and just bought an old Polaris because I missed my old X2 and 9oozxi from way back when...
    I also thought my son might enjoy the sport.

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    On the water near Belhaven,NC
    Bought my first ski when I was 55. A waveraider 1100.Wish I had it now.Bought a XLT 1200 so I could ride my ladyfriend.Then a VXHO.Sold it.67 in 2 months.Ride long as you can hold on!

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    Still plenty of time to be out there riding! I’m 42 and have friends riding in our group ranging from 23 to 75 years of age. We all love the hobby and are on the skis just about every weekend. Hope you decide to get back on the water.

    Billy D

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    Quote Originally Posted by PWCManiac View Post
    I must be going through some midlife crisis at just 39.
    "Mid-life crisis" is often a poor correlation, as I have learned. Rather, I'd like to say you are maturing into it.
    For me, coming from a long history of sports-bikes (aka crotch-rockets) most of my adult life, at age 41 I found myself buying my 1st dual-sport bike - a DR650. Converted it to a supermoto.
    My 1st thought... man, my nephew (26 years younger) is really going to love my new sumo bike!
    Surprisingly, the dual-sport forum I frequented had an age-related poll.... Guess what.... age 40-50 was ranking the highest votes. Shocked !! I would have sworn rather the younger kids love these types of bikes. Well, I guess I've just found my path "home". I'm 46, now and a few years now into the jet-ski sport. Love it!!
    Welcome home! And welcome to this forum. Now go get a ski and ride !

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    My wife and I are now mid 50 and take weekend trips 300-400miles at a time on our waverunners..

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    I'm 47, wife is 45. I ride a modded GPR. the wife rides a 74+ mph FXCSHO. Never say you're too old!!!

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    still kicking ass and taking names! Pale Rider's Avatar
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    on the move
    well I`m 57 and haven`t been on a ski since 2012. ran boats for the past few years and last year sold my SeaHunt triton CC... Yamaha powered of course... I do miss it...
    I can say that NJ waters where I rode and enjoyed are hands down better than the nasty rivers we have here in eastern NC.

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    Dont have the heart to let mine go. started as a 2001 800. Nows its a lowell ported fuel injected 1300 doing in the high 60ís to low 70ís still. Between Jim and Carl we have kept this thing going tip top! We actually detuned it slighty for longevity.
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