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    Seadoo Centre ECU question

    Have a customer just purchased a ski and brought it in for sc slip inspection and other minor repairs. SC is a stock X Charger 13LBS of slip. Fizzle intercooler, RRFPR with boost reference, 60LBS Deka Injectors, IMUK, Seadoo Centre ECU says 9200 RPM 60lbs Injectors on rear label but ski will only hit 8050 RPM @71.6 MPH. 1/2 tank and 195 rider. Has a 15/20 impeller and Reduction nozzle 81MM. Should it not go into higher rpm range or is a larger charger required. Popped cover to see springs and retainers are done.
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    Have had many customers lately with same issue. The SDC tunes ECU pulls timing on skis I have dealt with. Swapped to a VTech base tune and customers see about a 10kmh speed increase.

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    I believe your 81mm nozzle is to small for a 15-20 impeller. Try a 83 or 84 mm nozzle.
    I only used 83 to 85 mm nozzles on my 2008 RXPX

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    Rxpx has different pump tunnel. As far as the ecu welcome to that club.. had the same issues on my rotax racing ecu.. never got it sorted, ended up selling it

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    I tried even putting the stock 87mm nozzle. a better dig a little slower but same 8100 limit very strange. customer likes ski but the hitting the rpm wall is strange.

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    Sea-Doo center ECU mods don't work for shit!!! I had one from them years ago it worked for a couple days then it quit just like that, was like a stock ecu again and whatever they did for modifications the ski felt slower and sluggish, there was no timing increase or anything like running a rotax racing ecu. Sea-doo center was nothing but a waste of money!!!

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    I have had a Les Cooke SDC tune on my '12 RXPX since it was new and havent 1 minutes trouble out of it. Rock solid and love it!!!! Nothing but trouble with the craptuner when I used it and wont ever touch it again....

    You cant just tell SDC that you want to go fast for a tune, you have to give them details on what kind of mods your running and what kind of speeds you want to see and RPM's you want to run. I spoke to Les before I sent him my ecu, told him what I wanted and BAM!!!! Ski runs like a raped ape for what I have done to it....

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    Thank you for all your info. Customer is riding it at its level right now and love the ski. Until there is a issue I will cross that road when I come to it. I just figured if data sheet on the rear of the ecu stated RRFPR Boost Line Connected, 9200 RPM, 60LBS Injectors it would go past the stock rpm limiter. If customer is ok with it that is where my search stops. Thank you all

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