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    Polaris early year tuning differences!

    Can anyone who is knowledgeable about the early Polaris SL650 models briefly explain why the carb settings are so different on what seems to be the same engine? After months of fighting my 93 Sl 650 to get it running nicely, I am a lot closer to the stated '94 settings than the 93; although both have the same pop off psi spec???

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    Which settings are you using?

    Polaris changed the recommended carb settings a few times in the early years. Remember, 1992 was the very first production year, and lots of things changed each year as they gained more experience and responded to problems reported by the owners and dealer service techs.

    Polaris issued several Service Bulletins with revised settings for the Fuji engine carburetors. I do not recall which revisions might apply to your 1993 SL 650 model.

    Also, the actual carbs changed in some years. Outwardly they can look the ‘same’ but can be different internally.

    Note: I am not a Fuji engine expert, especially for the early 1992-1993 era. Hopefully someone with direct knowledge can assist.

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    Most places in the service manual I have read mention the specs are a starting point and further tuning is required.

    There are several factors that dictate air/fuel mixture.(ie: air leaks-engine temp-air temp-altitude-compression)
    Now that they are 25 years old, some parts may not be as perfect as new, needing different settings. Some of the adjustments in the carbs are pin point sized. A pin hole air leak will need to be compensated for with more fuel.

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    get the numbers off the carbs and call polaris,someone might have switched them out,my 96 slx780 had early specs because the carbs were from an earlier setup and had a different port climbing hole inside the throat

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    I bought this new and the carbs are original to the ski.

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    so was my ski,bought new and and had early version carbs on it

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