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    ‘08 rxpx blowing off hose of supercharger

    I just got my ‘08 rxpx running and took it out against my lightly modified 15f and the rxpx was surprisingly only a mph at the most faster. This was very surprising to me and my brother because we were expecting the rxpx to smoke the 15f with 95 less hp. Anyways the hose connected to the supercharger blew off twice. I connected it the second time very tight and it still blew off. Is there something wrong with the supercharger to have that much back pressure to blow it off? I bought the ski used and it has 179 hours. Any help would be appreciated!

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    Hair spray on the old hose or get a new hose

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    P-X should run 67-69 stock. Lightly modded 15F 63-64. You need a new hose or really good clamp. RR

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    clean hose use t-bolt clamp

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