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    Built motor questions

    Hi all,

    I have some questions about my ski that I am trying to get fixed, but my understanding of engine internals is a bit off.

    Long story as short as possible: 2003 gp1300r lost compression on rear cylinder this summer. We took to a shop, they said just needs a top end rebuild. We do that, they put it together and find the pistons are protruding above the top of the cylinder.

    They take it apart to find the crank has been modified. So now stuck because the cylinders that were on the ski are gone so we have nothing to compare to find correct cylinders.

    So I think my question is: does anyone know of a stroker kit that may have been on this ski. ( I have not been able to find anything online). Or is this likely a one off engine and I should just get a stock motor?

    Thanks for any advice.

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    Did they swap cylinders? Maybe an SBT exchange? Dang you got screwed if it was a stroker. Sounds like it was. Best scenario...replace the crank also. That should get it back up and running. And, oh...shoot the guy who worked on it and traded in your ported cylinders!

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    Yeah the cylinders got chucked in the scrap pile apparently. The motor shop that the motor got sent to is willing to take the modified crank as a core, so it looks like we are going to back to a stock motor.

    My concern (which the guy at the ship was not concerned about) is the fuel tone. I know there is a fuel controller attached. So my worry is we put the new motor in and it wont run with the modified tune. Is it likely that it is just the controller that can be removed/adjusted, or is it possible that the computer was reflashed?


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