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    Kawasaki Ultra 260x Injector Flow rates

    As I work on my turbo build I am going to share the information related to tuning I can find. There seems to be a lack of usable info for the 250/260x out there. Use this info at your own risk. For those interested:

    Actual Fuel injector flow rate from a reputable injector cleaning service:
    "The original injectors on your 2009 Kawasaki Ultra 260x are saturated (high-impedance, 12.5 Ohm) units and they flow 460 cc/min (at 43.5 psi of fuel pressure)."

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    Unless i totally missed something Give us a break down of what all you're starting off with. Ecu, turbo/size etc. Ive done all that and can help in that area. Hull mods, pumps, props are my weakness...

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    Microsquirt ECU
    Borg Warner 6758 Turbo
    Stock intercooler with double water feed
    Stock injectors (looking for higher flow units)
    Walbro 255hp
    modded fuel system full flow through fuel rail and aeromotive regulator set at 43 psi with no vacuum.
    stock crank with oil mods
    carillo rods
    wiesco pistons 8.4 compression
    stainless intake valves, inconel exhaust.
    Head Studs
    Stock Cams
    Stock Impeller with updated pump

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    I dont have experience with Stock CR pistons you may be ok with stock injectors but im not sure. I dont give advice "because in theory" ill tell fact. You have almost my exact setup
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    Do you have any heat problems from turbine housing not water jacketed? What is your set up compression ratio? What are you using for the ECU ignition timing? What octane fuel and what boost pressures are using?

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    So first off we dont do enduro. Watercooled bearing housing borg with a blanket and ceramic have had zero issues. All other pipes are water cooled. Closed course exclusively and ms109. You can miss the tune or have a fuel pump go bad and the ms109 will keep you alive. Without a doubt in the beginning when you're starting i recommend using it and then if ya want use less and less you can find the limit whenya rip the top off a piston hahahha.... just bc we've spent years dialing everything in i cant say everything. low boost is more then the factory charger on its BEST day and high is usually a swing of 5-7psi more then that. CR is custom too.

    I ca6n sell ya anything its basically me and a another guy custom stuff. If ya need trick stuff or help i recommend brisbane Kawasaki. Ask for jame, tell him mike from California sent ya. Dude's one of the most knowledgeable kawi guys there is.

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    Thanks MWHC for the advise. I may go with methanol injection instead of 109 but same end game. I wish I had a good knock sensing set up for this motor. There just doesn’t seem to be any that function with my ECU very well.

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