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    2014 STX15F 100 hour service questions *help*


    My 14 STX is due for 100 hour service (currently 97) but I have some questions...

    I have owned the ski since 45 hours- I had it serviced at 76 hours by the dealer I bought it from. He did a 'pump removal and regrease"

    1) How do you regrease the pump if the bearings are sealed roller type?

    2) can I remove the cone and if no water present assume the bearings are good or do I need to pull the pump to spin them ?

    3) 100 hour valve check/adjustment- how critical? I have babied the engine generally with a few hard uses.

    Ski is in mint condition but I dont want to pay someone to service it now its out of the warranty that came with it.

    I just can't get me head around the pump issue...


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    Remove the cone and look for the presence of water or rust in the bearing cavity. No grease is required. You should measure the valve clearance to see if any adjustments are needed. I would buy the factory service manual to get familiar with the process to see if you want to pursue this procedure or not.

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    There are many debates around putting grease/lube in the cavity. I do it. I take my pump apart before and after every season. I take the shaft out and check everything. I do this now after catastrophic failure I had of the bearings at 40hours. The seals leaked water by into the housing. This summer I was using the wiz bang grease but changed it to mercrusier lower gear lube because I had some. Also if there is problem and the housing leaks out the lube then you will see the oil slick on the water. I have many posts and I think a sticky in rebuilding your own pump and repairing the impeller.

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    greasing the driveshaft/impeller splines is what the dealer did. that's important.

    pull the pump, grease the spines, check the bearings, reassemble.

    DO NOT ignore the valve check/adjustment.

    kaw engines are brutal expensive, you want to take proper care of them. foollow the manual service intervals.

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