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    Polaris Genesis i 2001, not running, parts availability?

    Hello Everyone,

    I'm after recently purchasing a Polaris Genesis 2001 Ficht as a project, (not running)

    Since i have started working on it, i have noticed that it is quiet difficult to find parts, Would you say this would be a good project given this fact? I'm just worried that if i put time, money and effort into this that i will possibly not be able to source parts down the line?

    After an initial check the CPS is measuring 800 ohms and cant find a new one, can someone shed some light please?

    Thanks in advance,

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    Where are you located?

    What condition is the machine currently?

    Do you have all the parts for it, even if a few may not be in working order?

    Do you know when this machine last ran properly?

    What problem(s) did the seller say it had?

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