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    04 STX 12F valve shims... size?

    I have an 04 STX 12f motor which has a few valves which are out of spec (too tight). Before I start taking it apart... can anybody tell me the size of the shims? (I am hoping 7.5 mm). Would be best if can get some replacements on hand before I start taking cams off.


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    Are you trying to do this procedure without a service manual? All of the information you need is in the factory manual.

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    Well... I DO have a service manual. In chapter 2.. page 16-17 where it talks about how to adjust the valves, it does give me a few charts on 17-18 about the thickness of the shims to use for the desired outcome - although no indication as the diameter of the shims. Then, over in chapter 6.. pages 11-17 where it talks about how to take the top end apart... once again it talks about how to deal with the parts and pieces although nothing about the actual diameter of the actual shims.

    My goal was to make sure that I have all of the parts on hand I am likely to need (have a set of 7.5 mm shims and some gaskets) although am trying to avoid the situation where I open it all up and find I have the wrong diameter of shims...

    So, once again... does anybody know the diameter of the valve shims I need for this motor? Help or confirmation that it is the 7.5 mm shims is appreciated..

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    Call this number. They should be able to tell you.

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    turns out Kawasaki really doesn't know either (even the guy on the line recognized the irony of that one). His statement: "they really don't give us that sort of information". So... quick call to Hot Cams and..... this ski uses 9.48 mm shims. Now we all know...

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    You will likely have to order some shims to finish the job, it's folly to predict the sizes of shims due to manufacture tolerances.

    I've done hundreds of valve adjustments on kawasaki motorcycle engines which use an identical system ( well not exactly the same, in the mc engine the shim sits on top of the bucket, on the pwc engine the shims are underneath the buckets making it far more time consuming ) The shims were not a "standard size". techs actually measure the finished valve clearances when assembling the engines

    my tip:

    don't expect to get it done in a weekend, unless you have a full set of shims

    if you have not done this before I strongly suggest you do quite a bit of reading on it. There are specific things to do which will prevent a bad day. a really bad day considering the cams have to come out to make these adjustments

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