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    I have received a stroppy suggestion from Steve48 so I decided to create a new topic and include all information on the subject within here

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    Hi. I have a 2007 Ultra Lx and have had huge corrosion problems with my exhaust manifold, exhaust pipe, spigot of first/left/port side muffler, exhaust rings and blue silicone hose.

    Let me explain each one individually.

    Exhaust manifold
    Pin hole corrosion towards the 4 to 1 join and mostly prevalent in one of the cylinder outlets, probably the one lowest to the hull. When I bought it I found someone had done some weld repair work on it. Seems like they welded a hole close from the inside to the outside of the manifold. Skimmed both manifold faces, pressure tested the manifold at at about 2 bar and no leaks. So far so good.

    Exhaust pipe
    Same corrosion symptoms as manifold. The grooves for the exhaust rings near non existent on the bottom quadrant. I got someone to build up the missing aluminin and re-machined the grooves for the rings. Not perfect but much better than it was. I am concerned about the free play of the rings in the grooves. Not sure what the OEM specification is for the groove width.

    Port Muffler
    On the inside of the spigot there is also pitting corrosion. Along the internal length of the exhaust pipe as it projects into the muffler, there is pittting corrosion. I did some tests with air and water and it seems the holes go right through to the cooling jacket/annulus where the water is fed from the water cooling system.

    My blue exhaust hose had a hole in it one day. I stripped the exhaust system and found everything above. What I think has happened is the following;
    1. Someone used ski in salt water and didnít flush it properly/at all
    2. Overtime the pinhole corrosion in the muffler made it through to the annulus jacket. At this point water was being pumped into the exhaust pipe and would fill up the exhaust pipe after engine shut down
    3. This in turn corroded the inside of the manifold and the exhaust pipe and eventually the grooves for the rings
    4. Absent grooves caused the rings to move and eventually break and then exhaust gas burnt hole in blue exhaust hose

    It would be great if someone could post the OEM dimensions of the grooves to help those that need to get grooves remachined.

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