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    Wear to buy polaris slx DECALS?????

    what the title says. were can i buy replacement decals for my 1996 slx. mine have dock rash so i took them of and would like ot replace them but don know where to buy them. any imput would help thanks Ryan

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    Ryan, if they are still available new give Jay at Atlantic a call, he'll get you hooked up.
    Be sure to sign up and ask for your Green Hulk discount. Tony can help you in the parts department.

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    there are a few decals that i need that are discontinued. was wondering if there is any body that can make some up for me. i can get one side of the decals i need but not the other. i believe they just need to be scanned and put the sticker on the other side., if thats possible. if anybody has any info let me know thanks Ryan

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