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    Intermediate Shaft Housing Alignment?

    Ive got a Yamaha SUV that I bought in a million pieces. I noticed in the intermediate housing bag there were two lil shims but no clue where they go... Does anyone know how to properly measure and shim the bulkhead????

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    Being that the engineering of the IB unit is common among many models, I took a look at my VXR service manual . . .
    For installation, it simply mentions the following "Tip : If shims were removed, install the shims in their original positions."
    Yeah, not helpful, given your situation. It does not mention a shimming procedure, unfortunately.

    That said, perhaps look for clues on the mid-wall & housing to see if there is any signs of left-over shim footprints.

    Going from scratch, I'd install the jet pump and shaft 1st - torque everything down. Then install the IB housing.
    Rational; the drive shaft acts like a self-alignment tool. As you slide the IB up against the mid-wall, you'll want to probably get a feeler-gauge to measure the flush-ness of the housing against mid-wall. Note, you won't want to shim excessively, as the IB still needs to mate the rubber seal to the wall.

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