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    Deka ETX-16 vs ETX-16L

    I didnít want to hijack or sidetrack the other battery related discussion currently going on (Ok to Leave Battery In, Durung Storage? so, hereís my question:

    Besides the $3 or $4 difference in price, is there any meaningful difference between a Deka 16-ETX and a Deka ETX 16-ETX-L

    I notice this one DOES NOT HAVE A VENT TUBE:

    Deka 16-ETX:

    And the Descripion of this one leaves me wondering if it does have aventbtube?
    Deka ETX 16-ETX-L:

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    Answered in your other thread.

    No need to post the same question in multiple places

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    Sh*t, apologies!

    For some reason, my iPad and phone DO NOT “get along” with this forum, when it comes to editing a previous post of my own ... (this is not the finest time I have inadvertently - and unintentionally - created a second post when I went back to edit a previous one.

    IF THERES ANYWAY A MOD CAN DELETE THIS, it’d be much appreciated.

    Dayum, that’s embarrassin’! (Red face)

    and thanks, again!

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