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    Sea Doo GTX SC Help!

    I'm a Yamaha guy but acquired a package deal today, one of which is a 2006 GTX Supercharged Ski. The guy was using it before I got there and it overheated on him. He got towed in and said the coolant recovery tank was empty and he could hear it pissing out a clamped hose, so the clamp just needed replacement.

    I proceeded to perform a compression check but hooking up my good compression gage and cranked the button. I only got 90/65/90 and tried repeating the tests a number of times. I was convinced there is an issue, so we haggled on the price and I brought it home anyway.

    So my intent was to sell a decent running ski, but I'm not sure what to look for to see what the issue may be? Should I pull the valve cover to look for anything obvious? The ski does run and sounds decent. He said he hit 60 out there and was running it for 30 min before I got there... Seems like an honest older guy.

    The other ski was a 4 stroke converted SUV1200, which is what I really wanted, and that checked out using the same gage.

    Any hint's or help is appreciated.. The Sea Doo is a good looking ski!
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    It could have the hollow exhaust valves, which cause engine failure.

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