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    X-45 No Spark - First Post

    Hey all - first post so be gentile....

    I have a 99 X-45 that I picked up last year and on a ride up on vacation it just died on me in the middle of the lake while driving around. Nothing special, just spinning it around... We tried jumping it once we got it back to the house, and no luck. Took out the front electirical box and opened it up and there was some moisture in there, nothing major - it was late in the season so I let it sit the rest of the year and now that I've got it out of storage I want to get it back in running condition.

    I've found most of the testing instructions/tips and bought myself the best RadioShack multimeter 30 bux can buy, but I'd like some advice as to where to start first.

    Also, there's the black box with the plug wires and then the black box up front - what components are in which box?

    I think that's it for now and thanks in advance for any/all help!

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    drummerman, WELCOME to the Green Hulk forums!!!
    Start with the stator test, it's the most likely culprit in a no spark situation.
    The stators have been updated and will include a stator, CDI and coil pack.
    Let us know what you find.

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    Check runout on the crank too. It has been known to kill a few stators.

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    Joe, I thought they found a way to keep you locked out of the Polaris section.

    Your conversion is doing pretty damn SAWEEEET!

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