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    Ride plate transducer install ...ride affect?

    Has anyone tried this. I installed my new Garmin 44cv transducer to the rideplate. I upgraded my gps/sounder, the old transducer (Lowrance M68c) was smaller and on a rigged up transom bracket. It lasted 13 years in salt and fresh water but was 1/3 the length. The new one is a beast, ride plate was the only place I could find that would fit it flat and pointed down. I am going to throw it out there that my ride plate does not look like Ive ever hit anything...not even a scratch. So we all know I will now mash this thing into a rock and destroy it. Just wanted to say I realize this is the risk with this install point. My question is has anyone mounted or heard of anyone mounting anything on their plate how did it affect handling if at all. Since I am not affecting the plates length or angle I was thinking not much (would not be the first time I was wrong since the old unit did not seem to affect it and it has about the same frontal area causing the approx same drag just more centered. Any thoughts?
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    The ride plate can certainly effect the ski ride dynamics, so mounting as you show in the example above would not be my 1st choice. And while you state you do not show evidence of contacting objects on your plate, all it takes is one time. Not much peace-o-mind knowing that is hanging down there like that.

    Faced with a similar delima a few years back... I chose to integrate my Garmin xducer (which is fairly large) right into the plate itself. This is on a Yamaha, but the concept is the same. We know the xducer cannot shoot through metal, so the strategy was to replace a section of the plate with a composite "window" that the xducer CAN shoot through. This thread documented the endeavor :
    DIY - ride plate with integrated transducer

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    Itjink shat you are doing will work but you need to raise the transducer up so it’s bearly flush to the bottom of the plate. I think it will have very adverse handling effects being that low in the water.

    I attached that same transducer to the rear of the ride plate on my gp 1800. It was too low in the water and caused tracking issues at high speed and it also was costing me roughly 2 mph. I raised it up a bit and it tracks perfectly straight now. However it doesn’t read near as well. Handling has also improved.

    I am now looking at an alternative mounting for the transducer. There are a few people making brackets that attach to the boarding step mount. Or I may go with a shoot through hull transducer

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    Time Bandit thanks for the reply. I read your thread before I started my project. Hats off man top notch job! I actually purchased a spare ride plate to do your MOD but in researching I would lose accurate temp (not a deal breaker but...) and most of all after mocking it up found that alot of support ribs and structure would have to be cut on a Honda due to pump clearance. Let’s be honest laziness won out here (I also live in FL and I do like to know an accurate bath I had to cut one 3/4 inch hole for the cable run and drill the six holding screws (took about an hour total) slapped a little 5200 adhesive when mounting it and called it a day. My old transducer was about an inch in the wake on full plane (kicked up a wake itself. Lock was pretty good. Mr. gp1800 When you say it was to low in the water that should not hurt the ping response from the sounder but now cavitation would, I wonder if you had some of that in your setup (i may run into that as well it should show up in testing on the lake). I’m with you wanting to make it higher but without doing a setup like TimeBandits not in the cards on this build. So looks like I get to be the test bunny. Should the transducer get damaged its 60 bucks and an hour to swap...let’s see how long I can manage not to rip this thing off the bottom. I still have to repair the gel coat where I mounted the old unit. I ordered the black gel coat so I will test in a couple of weeks if time (and the wife) allow. Always appreciate the input guys thanks!
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    GP just reread your post I see I got that wrong you ran into bottom lock issues after raising it (sorry) Now I’m curious how bad the tracking will be Hondas were never the fastest and to be honest in open water I rarely get above 40mph any faster and the pounding wears you out after an hour (yeah...I know I AM out of One Of my favorite things on the Honda is slipping it thru the turns if the transducer destroys that I may look into a mount attached to the step (that of course I will have to buy and install due to my early model not having one...ugh)

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