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    Dealer has one 2018 rxt 230 left, help me decide.


    I currently own a Kawa Stx15f, and have been thinking about getting into a ski with more modern tech and features. A dealer near me has a "floor model" rtx 230 with the sound system option. It's scratched up a bit from being on display, but only cosmetic. it's never been in the water with zero hours. They are offering a great price - ski, plus fees, plus tax, is just below MSRP.

    I'm on the fence about whether or not to pull the trigger, my 15f has 50 hours on it and has been rock solid. Going from a Fiberglass + gelcoat hull to the CM makes me nervous. I ride mostly on a very large lake that gets quite choppy. The 15f does just okay in the chop, but is built like a tank.

    Looking for feedback from owners of the st3 CM tech hull plus the 230 motor on your owning and riding experience this past year.

    Thanks much.
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    I have the RXT-X with about 20 hours of riding in moderately choppy to rough conditions with zero hull issues. The big dealer on our lake who has moved a ton of CM-tech hulls have had no major issues reported according to their service mananger FWIW.

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    The 2018 rxt 230 is a great unit. Go for it!!

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    A guy I ride with has one and absolutely loves it. The blue and silver is a nice color combo too. Surprisingly it's not that much slower 0 to 40 than my 18 RXTX300.

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