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    modded rxp results

    I'm finally getting some reliable numbers with the ski running right.

    Air temp: 100 degrees
    Water Temp: 57 degrees
    Elevation: 650 ft.
    1/2 tank of fuel

    8100 RPM
    71.7 MPH

    It gets to 8100 RPM very quick and stays there. The holeshot is good, and the midrange is absolutely incrediable. I mean it hits hard! But it seems to take some time to get to top speed and when it does it's only 71.7! With all my mods I was hoping to see 74MPH even in this heat!

    I'm looking for more top speed. Any suggestions what I should try with this 15/19R? Maybe I should just go straight to a 15/20 4 blade. I have a 14/19, I guess I could have it bent to a 15/20 but would it have the same results? Thanks, Jim

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    I have similar mods as yours and tried the 3b 15/19r first, then swapped it out for a 4b 15/20R and gained appox. 2mph, both brand new out of the box. And the 2mph gain was before I tweaked it.


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    hmmm, prop is needing attention too...pitch it a little more?

    I had equivilant mods and ran 8150 at 1/2 throttle on a 14/19, then tossed on a 15/19 3-blade and got it down to 8100 and picked up maybe 3mph, i know I am a solid 75 with a full tank, 76 on 1 bar....Running stock SC, incjectors, and EC....Acceleration is good, but it feels like it gets flat up top....I KNOW that jerry said the 3 blade likes r's, so I am holding onto it for the meanwhile....I am gonna try to get a 15/20 on there....

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