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    need help Gauge MFD Issue

    I am asking for any info on this issue.
    2008 Yamaha VX110 Deluxe. Gauge does not display any info but the green security light works and ski runs perfect. Tried 2 other VX Gauges same thing, Changes 2 ECU's same thing, Programmed 2 More remote fobs same thing, Replace Relay Box, same thing, Checked all Pins for maybe getting pushed back no issue there. at 3 pin wire grey plug I have Power 12V and Ground but only barley 1v on the white and black tracer wire. Continuity test Middle Plug #23 pin white wire black tracer Ohms Good. Completely spent on what else it could be,
    Any info would be grateful

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    I have similar problem few years back riding ski and clocks went off green light still worked . Ordered a new set of clocks plugged them in and no display . Turned out my speedo sensor wire was crushed and was causing them to short out And blow the clocks . Got another set of clock and just plugged the power connector in the clocks worked so put rest of plugs in fitted clocks to ski started ski and no display again so I unplugged all plugs and put them in one at a time when I put the speedo plug in they went off again lucky it never blew them ones . I took speedo wire out to find it had been crushed

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    Thank you for that info. Tried that today still no display even plugged in a new speed sensor at gauge no display only green light.

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    ^^^ So when you tried again today, did you try it with another "fresh" clocks display that you haven't tried before .... as it sounds like the possible short Dixon0001 describes actually ruins/damages the clocks already tried ??

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    I tried existing gauges I had. I will test gauges when I get a chance to on a donor ski. This one has me stumped

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