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    Ocean City Maryland... Jetski Friendly?

    Looking for input regarding Ocean City vicinity. Planning a week stay next summer, the area seems very receptive to PwC owners. Any feedback is welcomed. Thank you

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    You shouldn't have any issues other then trailer parking in town. I plan on taking mine down for the week and several times throughout the year. The waterfront bars/restaurants have places to dock, Secrets and Mackys have mooring balls to tie up to. The ramp at the commercial harbor is free as is the parking. The ramp on 64th next to dead freddies looks nice but you have to pay hourly with the meter system to park your truck and trailer there. Not many places will allow you to park the ski at the hotel/condo during the busy season, I found a secured storage place that has water to flush the ski when done, right down the street from the commercial harbor ramp believe it was called Harbor Marine. (can't remember the name off the top of my head and think it was $20 a day or $100 a week). This is stuff I have all seen in person, hope this helps a little. I will be glad to answer any questions if I know them, I am looking forward to taking mine alot this year.

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