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Thread: 2019 fx svho

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    2019 fx svho

    When to the ijsba races in Havasu this weekend and got to take a peek at the new Yamaha. I hate to say it but I was so disappointed in the svho cruiser. Too much plastic and for some reason the design just did nothing for me at all. I was getting ready to buy one and change my mind right there on the spot. I'm keeping my 2018 metallic carbon. I can't tell you how it hurts to have to say this. For me, the way they did the new Cruiser seats was a real turn off. I didn't like the way that fabric stretched and wasn't close to the seat because that white stripe that goes up to Center does not have a seam where it hits the rise of the seat and it all is loose.
    Is this just me or has anyone else got to see them up close?

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