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    Polaris SLX 780 Question

    Hey guys. I just got my 780 going (thanks to everyone for the advice). Now I have a couple more questions. My ski has been painted and there is no decal on the back to tell which way to turn if it gets flipped. Can someone tell me which way it should be flipped back over? Looking at it from the back should it be clockwise or counter clockwise? Also, this may be a dumb question but, why can it only be turned back over one way? I have read several posts that says to be sure and flip it back the correct way or it could be damaged, so I guess it is important.

    Thanks again for all the help and advice.


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    From the rear it should be turned clockwise. I assume it's to keep water in the cooling system from entering the engine. keep in mind I'm a newbie so If I'm wrong hopefully more experienced members can correct me.

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    Exactly Tony, to keep the water from entering the engine.

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