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    Large Metal Shaving in First Oil Change

    I have two identical, new, 2018 GTI SE 130 PWCs. I just got each to 10 hours this weekend, so I changed the oil and filters.

    On the first one, there were very tiny fragments of metal in the filter pleats. They were so small that you couldn't even see them unless you were in direct sunlight.

    On the second one, however, the fragments in the pleats are larger, visible even under a fluorescent overhead shop light. I would estimate they're less than 1 mm in size. But here's the kicker. When I lifted the filter out of the housing, I saw a long shaving of metal sitting at the bottom of the housing. I've attached a picture.

    Due to the shape and length of this shaving, I'm assuming this was leftover from a bore-out at the factory and was missed while cleaning the block before assembly.

    This is my first time working on any Rotax engines. Is this typical?

    (During break-in I used only the green learner keys, to help make sure I wasn't too hard on the engines. I didn't baby them, but I made sure to always let them warm up at idle, and then low-speed, before taking off or doing any faster maneuvers.)
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    Well it looks Ike aluminum so its not from a bearing or the crank. Id say your right about its origin, id keep it and the filter. Id also change the oil and filter again in another 10 hours.

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    Yeah, right there with ya. I'm keeping both filters and the shaving. I might change the filter again after another 10 but may not change the oil if the filter looks reasonable. I read some posts here that filings are quite common in the filter even after hundreds of hours. I put Amsoil marine 10w-40 in there, so that's as good as it's going to get, lubrication-wise.

    Thanks for the response!

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