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    '18 RXP-X Hull full of oil / water

    I bought a brand new '18 PX in February of this year. We go the promotion that extended the warranty out to three years. Wow ... good thing we did. Yesterday my father and I took the ski out of the water as we typically do at the end of the weekend. I noticed that the ski seemed to be draining a lot more water than usual, but I didn't think much of it until this morning.

    Thinking back to the ride I had yesterday (a few hours before we loaded the ski up on the trailer.) I suppose in retrospect there were a few odd things that I didn't think much of at the time. At one point when I started to get on the throttle the jet pump made a sound a bit like it was sucking air. I think at the time I was cruising along at a little under 20MPH, and I didn't open the throttle completely. I backed off when I heard the sound, but never heard it again so I continued to ride. When I was done riding, I slowed down and cruised back to the dock slowly for a few minutes to give the engine time to cool off. During this period I noticed that at under 4200RPM or so the ski was riding with the nose really high which in retrospect was probably due to all the water in the hull.

    FF to this morning. When I went outside for the first time I noticed there was still a puddle under the ski, which I knew was really odd. I walked by it a few times and then caught a whiff of that motor oil smell. Sure enough ... it was oil dumping out all over my driveway. I took the seat off and the bottom of the hull is full of oil. It seems like most of the oil must have come out after the ski was put away, because I don't see any oil in the front of the boat, and there definitely would be if the hull had that much oil when I was riding.

    The oil / water was leaking from the jet pump, so could this just be a bad shaft seal? The engine wasn't idling rough, and there was no notable decrease in power at any point in the ride. No warnings on the gauge cluster either.
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