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    challenger 180 Won't idle & down misses neutral

    I just purchase this 2005 180 challenger and the first time on the lake it did not seem to have any power. Eventually, It started to come around and we did hit about 30mph. still not want I expected. Should I hear the supercharger?

    My real question is, once we got to the 30mph speed and made it to the other side of the lake. I tried to throttle down but at about half way. It stopped idling down. roughly around 4-5 thousand RPM. I then tried to put into neutral.

    While the kids like want happened but is scared the crap out of me. Shifter jumped right past Neutral and into reverse. After several attempt to do the simuliar action - it continued to jump right to reverse.

    Needless to say, we had an interesting time trailering the boat at high idle

    what is going on here?

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    you should certainly hear the supercharger if its working, you might have blown clutch washers... What was your max rpms? The other problems could be unrelated and being caused by stuck throttle controls or a vacuum leak of some kind. However if your clutch is gone you probably have ceramic material in the motor which isnt helping things at all. First thing I would do is pull the air intake off the supercharger and see if you can easily spin the impeller inside it. If you can then your clutch is gone. Start searching the boards for more info on that if so. I have experienced the clutch failure first hand and it has been a nightmare thus far.

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    Thanks for the help - I will continue to search for answers. The dealer is apparently going to do what is necessary to get it working properly.

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