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    Final tuning 93 SL650

    Can't fit my 70 year old hands to carbs with the F/A installed but tuning it without the F/A means it will be rich when F/A (stock) goes back on. Is there any kind of secret to compensate or will the difference in Air/Fuel ratio not matter. I'm assuming the lows are not that critical when it comes to running lean and burning a piston??

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    I use something like this to tune the triple carbs on my pro.

    Makes it extremely easy to get in there and start adjusting all the screws. Your low speed is important and will affect your high speed. Lean low speed and properly set high speed will give you a lean condition since the low affects the high.

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    Thank you sdlvx! I just bought one through Amazon. I also FINALLY got this running correctly after about 3 months of messing with it. I did:

    ...all 3 carbs and new kits twice
    ...all new hoses, fuel and water and out of the water many times with sometimes good results immediately followed by terrible results
    ...stator checked
    ...just about every possible low and high jet combo
    ...pop off checked and re checked

    It got down to excellent idle but had a bad stumble with very little throttle. Would sometimes get past it with primer and at other times with choke???

    What finally fixed it????? As a last resort, finally got down to checking my brand new in-line fuel filter. As it turns out, even though it has distinct arrows indicating either way was ok, one way needed twice the suction to draw fuel through it. I simply turned it around and everything ran great!!! Now, if I barely tap the start button, it fires right up and idles perfectly. Throttle has no lag spots!

    So, now, I basically have a brand new 93 SL650. Everything inside is like when new, including new paint job, etc etc.

    Thanks for everyone's assistance!

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    Glad you got it working. I've found a lot of people jump right to carb rebuild, but sometimes it can be something else with the fuel system. The fuel systems on these skis with the Mikuni SBNs all work on vacuum, so if there's an air leak anywhere in the system, or anything restricting flow, you'll get a lot of weird things going on like you described, specially with it going between acting too lean and too rich.

    I had a small leak in a fuel selector valve once. I chased the fuel system all the way back to the tank, and I didn't even realize there was a problem with the selector valve until I started moving it around and the spigot broke off. I would have never found it if I didn't remove the selector and inspect it.

    These things can be really fickle, glad you got it going!

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