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Thread: Debris in water

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    Debris in water

    So I'm very new to the PWC world and have a question about operating a seadoo in water with debris like seaweed and water lilies. Will this damage the impeller if traveling slow through this type of water for a limited time.. One of the local boat launches has water lilies seaweed around it.

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    Going faster, not slow through the weeds is better if you can't avoid them. Shouldn't hurt the impeller but will hurt performance and may cause a overheat situation. If the ski runs poorly after going through weed turn off ski, hop in water, ( hopefully your not in a backwater river in Florida) reach under to the intake grate and pull them out. Get used to this routine if your in a weedy area. Another thing that works sometimes, if your ski has a reverse, is to get up some speed going backwards then kill the engine, the water going back through your nozzle may clear it...

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    Thx for the info. Ya it's only for about 75 feet of shallow water with the lilies at the edge of the lake where the launch is... The rest is crystal clear.

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    I had some weeds bog me down a few times, and speeding up and slamming on the IBR seems to have blasted the grate clear as well

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