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    Question Question for a Polaris slt 750

    hello, I was wondering if any one can help me with this one. I just got a 1994 Polaris SLT 750 and it runs really good until it gets bobbed around or if I turn sharp it just dies right there in the water but it always starts right back up as soon as I hit the button. Also when I go hard on the gas for a stretch it will just give up and die after a while (10-20 sec.) but still starts right back up. Half to three quarter throttel it runs fine. Also my display is out. Any ideas or info is greatly appriciated. Thanks Rodney

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    Rodney, WELCOME to the Green Hulk Forums!!!

    You can have a lot of things going on here but I'll give you my usual take.
    You might be having some light engine seizures due to poor cooling or poor fuel delivery.
    If it were mine I'd verify the intake at the pump screen is clear and free of debris.
    Second if it hasn't been done yet, due to age and these common parts wearing out and having issues.
    Replace ALL fuel lines, even those in the tank if applicable, fuel pump and fuel selector knob.
    See how you do after that.

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    Ditto on the above....especially installing the 3 output fuel pump. Do a "search" for specifics and pics.

    Sounds like a fuel delivery problem.

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    Welcome to the HULK!!!!

    I had to do a double take, I thought, well the name threw me off, I did not remember starting this post.....

    I will say pretty much the same things that Al posted above. Very good skis as long as you get the fuel problems adressed, soon.

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    I have the same problem as rodney, however i have a 97slt. Now I have tighten all the hoses that were very loose and I found that one of the jets on the accelerator pump system was completely clogged (seperate issue I am sure, only has to do with accelaration and not sustained engine rpm, right?) Now is there an issue with fuel lines and pumps with slts? By the way were is the fuel pump on this thing? I have grey fuel lines, if this matters. Sounds like it is running out of fuel to me but I know very little about the 97 slt.

    I have tighten hose (never seen fuel hoses like these)
    I have cleaned out the 3 way switching valve(was clean)
    cleaned the back accelarator pump needle.

    Now guys I dont mined searching but I have been on this forum all night (currently 5:47 in the morn.) and this is the first post I have seen with the same problem. I have been reading most of the tech forums learned a lot but I have not seen my problem addressed as of yet. so please if you can direct me in the right direction I would appreciate it....

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    Pull those grey lines off and look for green gunk in them. Clean them and reinstall.

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    Problem solved THANK YOU !!! Now a new one for you

    My fuel problem has been solved and it runs great!! Thank You
    But now I have a new one for you. The drive shaft is broken and the housing from the back of the motor it goes into was welded on directly to the drive shaft. How do I change them? is the housing part of the crank or is it bolted on? Thanks a million Rodney

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    someone screwed u The part they welded the shaft to screws onto the crank! you may need a sawzall or grinder depending on where the break is and a new coupler and shaft!! how bout some pics? Z

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    I know, Im feelin it how about some lube? I can send some pics for you just so you can see the crappy weld that they did and maybe get a laugh.
    I had alot of fun until the weld broke though. Rodney

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    Send some pic's. I have a driveshaft and coupler if you need it.

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