So I was doing an oil change and while warming up the port motor on the hose I got an overhead alarm. I had checked when I first started that I had water flow from pisser and exhaust and I did but not a lot. What I found is upon assembly of the boat they pinched the flush hose running to the motor so it want getting full flow. I corrected it and while the overheat alarm stopped, the check engine light is still on. Called the dealer where we purchased (7 hours away) and they said to to clear it has to be done with the YDIS by them or disconnect the batteries for a while. Tried the battery disconnect sever times from an hour to 3 days disconnected.....while it does clear the code, it comes back up when you turn on the ignition key for the motors (push button start) There seems there has to be some "secret way" to clear this with the Connext touch screen I would think. I tried taking it to the local Yamaha outboard dealer and while they could connect with their YDIS system it wouldnt let them into the system because they dont have the proper license (boat, watercraft,outboard)

So my question is does anybody here know how to clear this check engine light? Closest dealer is 4 hours away.