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    Help me choose between GTX155 or RXT230


    Great alive forum. Been around in the background for some time. I'm on the run for a brand new PWC next season
    I want the ST3 hull design and looking at the 2018-2019 RXT 230 and GTX 155.

    My main concern are engine options. The looks are pretty much the same and I like the design on both. What I can tell there is just minor differences between the GTX 155 and RXT 230 except the engine (For 2019, the GTX has included boarding ladder and a different seat).

    What would you say are the main pros/cons with the bigger engine, and perhaps things that are better with a 2019 model?

    I'm new to PWC but have experience on the water and also with engines. Will mostly run in the ocean (Sweden). I'm not that worried about service and maintenance in the future, but a little bit worried that 155 hp won't be enough, or is that just stupid? 155hp seems alot to me related to a boat.. Thanks!
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    I've got a 2018 RXT 230 and let me tell you, that 230 HP is plenty for me. I'm sure you'll hear a lot of people telling you to get the 300, but I run on a relatively calm lake, and the RXT is absolutely wicked, it is impressive how quickly it moves.

    I do love the styling, but I'll be frank, the new coating and materials use seem to scratch easily. I haven't attempted to clean it all that much over the summer as I figured it'd be more work and likely revert right back to showing scratches. With that in mind, I do have some Plastic products due to arrive in the mail tomorrow and am going to do a full detail over the coming weeks. I'm confident It'll shine right back up.

    Its an awesome ski. The phone holder and the speakers on the RXT really sold me (however crazy that is). I've got a spark too, and the modern amenities and space on the RXT has changed the game for me.

    Good luck, and let us know what you decide!

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    how is the mileage with the 230?

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    I have a 2018 GTX 155 and as much as I love it, it tops out about 53mph with my big ass on it (6'4" 270lbs) and I kinda wish I had a bit more speed That being said, I can run it full out sport mode for a couple hrs before having to fill the gas tank up so that's pretty cool. 155 HP is quite powerful and can easily fling you off if you are not careful, but next time I think I'll go for at least 230!

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    Sorry for the delay in getting back to you. Gas consumption isn't nearly as bad as I thought it'd be... I've been using premium because its only a few cents difference, figure $1-$2 difference each fill up, and I figure I should spoil the supercharged engine. I've gone on some significant rides, did about 40 miles on lake george one day, and had plenty left over for some more fun if I wanted to. All depends on how much you're beating it.

    I hit 64-65 all day on it, I'd like to think it goes faster, but it seems like thats about right. Sometimes the speedometer will swing a little higher, but no way of telling how accurate that is.

    I have a spark as well, and its a boatload of fun. It brings a smile to my face everytime. But they're truly two different machines. RXT has been a great addition to my fleet.

    Detailed it the other day with Novus Plastic products. Looks as good as the day I picked it up. Truthfully when I got it, there was some swirls in the paint like right under the front of the seat. Was disappointed but excited to get the ski, so bit my tongue. Applied level 3 Novus, worked my way up to #1, and the swirls are gone. Looks better than showroom.

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    Thanks everyone for replies! I'm stubborn enough going against the poll and ordering a GTX 155 2019. This will be my first PWC. ETA april next year. Very excited!

    I was able to get a reasonable price on a 2018 RXT "end of season" sale. So I was more comparing the 2018 RXT againt 2019 GTX.

    Key reasons why I'm not going for a bigger engine:
    -Less expensive (got a great deal with trailer and accessories)
    -Reliable/less complicated engine
    -CM-Tec problems solved 2019 (hopefully)
    -Fuel economy
    -New digital display even on GTX 155
    -Insurance cost

    What I probably will miss on the 2018 RXT:

    At least I have a 300hp something to upgrade to in the future

    All the best

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    You'll love the GTI, but speed is addictive. That being said, the GTI is alot more forgiving and has awesome fuel economy. Enjoy and congrats on your purchase!!

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    Had a 155 for 30 days an put 40 hrs on it. It was absolutely flawless. Only issue was the top end. A friend of mine and I purchased 2 155 for the gf and we got the bigger machines. While on long runs we found ourselves doing large circles around them as they would mile out at 55. A little more power and speed will be a costly upgrade and would it 100%. And as far as fuel.... who cares! You will end up getting 2 because no one wants to ride butts to nuts on a seadoo!
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