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    XL Limited wont accelerate then stalls

    I completely rebuilt the engine, and the carbs. I did everything to the T that OSB recommended. I deleted the D plate, installed flame arrestors, installed T handles, checked pop off pressure (42 on all three).
    cleaned powervalves, fuel pressure is 1-2 at idle and atleast 6 at Wide open throttle. I did the fuel pressure mod and am running 110 lows/idle 125 high/mains 1.5 needle 95 grain spring. The arm inside the carb was perfectly level with carb body. I started with 1.5 turns on the high and 1 turn out on the lows. I also deleted accelerator pump and chockes and added primer.

    It runs fine on the trailer hooked up to the hose. When I take it to the lake It starts fine idles fine but if you mash the throttle it immediately stalls. If i ease into the throttle it will only go about 9 mph on the dash and if i try to go faster it stalls. If i mash on the throttle from there it stalls. I then took the expansion pipe off and backed the lows off another full turn and it goes to about 20 mph and does the same thing. Completely stalls. Please help.

    I also have carbon fiber reeds could this be the probem? I still have the stock ones. I am really getting tired of pulling the damn carbs off.

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    Did you use GENUINE mikuni kits? The recipe calls for 1 turn on lows 1.5 turns on highs. I have VF3 reeds in mine, and set mine at 1 1/4 lows, 1 3/4 on highs. My chokes are intact. Always use genuine kits, anything less ends up not running correctly.

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    Did you pressure test motor for air leaks when you did rebuild?

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