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    Gp1200 carburetors on ultra 150?

    Iíve read a little bit about using gp1200 carbs on an ultra 150, is it possible? Iíd like to be able to use aftermarket flame arrestors and I have read that gp1200 carbs have adjustments for high end low air fuel mixtures. Is it possible to use gp1200 carbs and would it be worth it over stock carbs? Thanks

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    The stock carbs work fine if the ski is well maintained and there arent many modifications done to the motor. Aftermarket flame arrestors free up a little room but in my opinion are over rated. Once you start adding mods people usually upgrade the carbs.

    The gp1200 carbs can be used if you remove the yamaha adapter plate, get new intakes, get a linkage spaced for kawasaki , and jet them properly. The linkages are hard to find but I think jetworks has em. The hardest part is tuning the carbs, it can be time consuming and unforgiving especially if you havent done it before.

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