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    Question Which Charger do I pick for my Jetski Battery

    hello guys,

    new to this!!! can you please tell me which charger I should buy for my jetski battery. I'm confused after searching google.
    Should I go for a solar charger?

    I've a see doo gti 90

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    are you talking for winter storage or general useage? unless your planning on letting it sit for long periods of time without being used you shouldnt need a charger

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    I had a bunch of Schumacher chargers that worked really well for years. Last year, 4 of them failed over the winter and ruined 4 batteries. I guess the electronics (probably capacitors) just wore out. I tossed the rest and I bought Black & Decker maintainers. So far they work well and they're pretty cheap. They come with a variety of connectors, too.

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    The Battery Minder products are hard to beat. I have 2 of their chargers

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    I've been happy with the Genius chargers/maintainers. I've used the G1100 for my ski and its AGM battery.
    Over the frozen season, the battery is removed and inside the house and on the G1100.
    I have recently purchased a larger version, G7200, for my vehicles.

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    Vote for the DelTran "Battery Tender Plus" series here; I've seen too many batteries ruined by the so-called "trickle chargers" (they go right in the trash around our place).

    We're up to 7 DelTrans
    "Tender Plus(es)"
    around our place, one on each classic cars, ski boat, PWC, mowers, DR Power Wagon, etc.

    They're $50 at WalMart but have proven themselves to be more than worth it, in every application we've used them in.

    They also make a "Junior" tender but, I just always spring for the
    "Battery Tender Plus" series (I notice they make one designated "GEL" so, I may need to look into that when I eventually go to a gel battery, perhaps not?)

    Here's a link to their User Manual:

    Some info:

    Battery maintainers supply a small trickle of electricity to your battery over a long period of time. This small stream of electricity will not fully charge the batteries, but will act to counter-act self-discharge. They help maintain the level of charge the battery had when used last.

    Smart chargers, on the other hand, are automatic battery chargers that monitor battery activity for safe and efficient charging. These chargers are designed to handle the entire cycle that deep cycle batteries run, because the charging schedule of deep cycle batteries is complicated and can be burdensome. Furthermore, these chargers help eliminate the possibility of overcharging your batteries. Some smart chargers even offer built-in de-sulfation systems that help to undo the effects of sulfation on your batteries. Overall, smart chargers help fully charge your batteries over time while guaranteeing that they do not overcharge.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Thor View Post
    ... (I notice they make one designated "GEL" so, I may need to look into that when I eventually go to a gel battery, perhaps not?)
    Do not use an actual gelled electrolyte battery in PWC. Gel batteries do not like impact and vibration. The gel can develop voids which will degrade the battery performance.

    Oftentimes there is confusion where AGM batteries, especially factory sealed AGM, are mistakenly called ‘gel’ batteries. I suspect this comes from the gel batteries sometimes being labeled as ‘leakproof’, which is also true for AGM batteries.

    Since AGM batteries will not leak liquid when pierced, they are sometimes called ‘dry’ batteries, which I find is also not a useful description.

    AGM batteries, which have fiberglass mat layers inside to retain the liquid electrolyte, do not have gelled electrolyte and are not gel batteries.

    AGM batteries have specific charging protocol and voltage thresholds. These differ from traditional lead-acid batteries, and from gel batteries.

    If you have AGM batteries, select a charger or maintainer that is specifically rated to be compatible with AGM batteries. I use the BatteryMinder charger, but there are multiple other good AGM compatible products available.

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    Hey K447, thanks for that clarification.

    btw, was in a WalMart yesterday and happened by the battery rack when I saw what I “think” is the WalMart version of the Deka AGM you mentioned in another recent, battery-related thread here in the GreenHulk forums —

    Just curious but, is what I saw in this (attached) photo the same as what you were referring to, in that other, battery-related thread?
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