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    X-charger fan blades broken off

    So my guess is that the previous owner installed a used X-charger and didnít replace the fan but I could be wrong. The fan has small chips on the outer section of each blade. I know a lot of people are going to tell me to do a full rebuild on the super charger. Honestly, is this something I really need to rebuild, can I just replace the fan, or can I just leave it how it is?


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    Leave it as is..

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    If itís enough to really throw off the balance of the shaft, itís going to prematurely wear the bearings and seal on the shaft, which will eventually lead to failure. That it is if you do nothing.

    If it were me, and the wheel was chipped bad enough, Iíd replace the wheel and check the bearings for any unusual play, and ride it out.

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