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    Rpm won’t go past 6000 Ultra 150

    I am having a problem with rpm going past 6000 I did pull whole engine out to replace cylinder and had to take carbs off when torquing carbs it wasn’t showing it was torquing from going by the torque wrench so I stopped was scared I would snap bolt Mybee I just need to get carbs more snug not sure before the piston melted I was getting 6800 rpm and it was screaming I got stock shaved heads jetted carbs for prok filters and that’s it for mods doesn’t run lean runs plug look perfect I melted piston because someone sold me 32cc heads as 42cc so I changed heads to proper specs for 93 octane

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    Check and make sure all of your carb slides are working properly, and make sure that your choke cable is working right and check your throttle cable and make sure everything is getting all the way to wot position

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    How can I see slides should I just take video with my phone cause I can’t really see inside

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    Found out problem it was really clean inside the problem i think was gasket wasn’t lined up proper the one before the slide so it wasn’t letting retract back cleaned everything And put tiny bit of 2 stroke on slide now it’s all sliding back sounds great going to test tonight or tomorrow thanks for help
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    You can check slides with compressed air, when I install diaphragms I use alittle super glue to hold it down while I place the cap on.

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    Tested today it’s running better then it ever did hitting just below 7000 rpm took me a couple try’s to get the diaphragm to stay in place but I got it Eventually thanks for all the help

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